Francisco Sánchez Alvarado

Francisco Sanchez


I’m Francisco but I go by Paco. In my country, Mexico, it’s not unusual to name several family members the same. In my particular case, there are 4 members in my family named “Francisco” – my grandfather, father, cousin and me. I know it is nerve racking in some countries, but what can I say? It is just like that.

Since I was little I was very eager to learn and was always asking. Later on I realized that these two qualities are really handy in the career that I chose. Marketing and Advertising are subjects evolving rapidly, and so if you want to stay in tune it’s better to keep up “learning/studying”. Also “asking” in Marketing is a huge resource but is renamed focus groups, interviews and surveys. I have the luck to pursue my passion to make a living out of it. Looking forward to new experiences, many projects and interesting people to come. Cheers!