Gabriel Robles Nacif

My name is Gabriel Robles Nacif and I was born in Mexico City, February the 14th, 1994. I have two older brothers both males and I live with my parents on the city of Monterrey, Mexico. My dad was in the air force for 44 years; hence I’m use to adapting to new places really easily. I’ve lived in more than five cities through the Mexican republic, but know I go to college to Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. I’m doing a Bachelors degree in finance and accounting in the honors program of my school and im on the 7th semester of my education. Right now I’m pursuing a internship opportunity in my favorite city, New York City. Since I was of high school I always had an interest in business administration specially in finance, I took some honor management classes which helped me to decide to study in that field. After graduating from high school I took a job as HR consultant and it gave me a quick glance on how the business world is. I made a lot of presentations and spreadsheets, but specially I was involved with people all the time. I was support for the staff and that gave a me a lot of confidence and how to treat people since they would contact me for multiple reasons. It was the perfect opportunity before college, and then I started my studies and that’s where my interest in finance began to grow. While I was on high school I was on the soccer team at the varsity level, Ive consider my self as athletic sin ive doing all sorts of sports since I was little kid. I ran track, played football, lacrosse, soccer, and I enjoy playing street basketball some nights. During college I was on the lacrosse team although I was only there for two semesters since my main focus was school. Some of my other hobbies include playing the guitar, reading books , and traveling. I set up myself goals every semester where I have to go to at least 2 destinations that I’ve never been before, It can either be close or far way, I like to know different places no matter if it’s a big city or a small town, every destination has its own story and beauty which appeals me to take my chances to have a look around. My last professional experience was past semester where I worked at a bank as a Credit Analyst it gave me a general overview on how the banking area works in my country and I learned so much in so little time that being a banker is a career that I’m considering a lot as I said im pursuing an opportunity maybe in this field which will help me enhance knowledge and experience for me professional life.