Alejandra Pons

Alejandra Pons

Hi there!

My name is Alejandra Pons, but my friends call me Ale. I am a 22 years old international student from Mexico, more specifically, Guadalajara, the city of Mariachi and Tequila. I am graduating (hopefully) this December with a Marketing major from ITESM, which I am really excited about because I am in love with my career, and you know what they say, success comes from passion!

What can I say about me? Well, I have a lot of different kinds of interests, but the people who know me will say that I am in love with food. Seriously, you want a dinner companion? I will be there! Lucky for me, I love to bake, and I am always looking for new delicious recipes to try. I love to travel as well, and I have so many places in my bucket list that I want to go to.

A few years ago, I decided that before I died, I needed to live and work in New York City for at least a month, and thankfully, I got the opportunity to do both! I am so looking forward to those nine weeks in the city, and I will definitely make the best out of them by visiting all the museums and restaurants that this city has to offer.

So do follow all of our adventures and struggles while we are living at the most amazing city in the world, New York City!