Maria Gaia Vernaglione

Maria Gaia VernaglioneMaria Gaia VernaglioneMaria Gaia Vernaglione


My name is Maria Gaia Vernaglione but I prefer people to call me Gaia because that’s the name which better fits my spirit and personality (I’m not sure if in the US it’s the same but in my country, GAIA means happiness and Joy and that makes me proud of it).  I’m an Italian girl, born and raised in the south of Italy but then moved to Milan, where I’ve been living since my first year of University. Actually, I “was” attending a Master’s degree in Strategy and management of International business at the UCSC in Milan but, as you know for sure, “life happens when you are making other plans”; So now, I find myself here, in New Paltz, while attending a brand New University and a bunch of new classes, meeting new friends and writing about me on this blog.

Before all of this, I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management with a major in Marketing as well, developing my knowledge of economics and my interest for marketing, PR and communication. Over time and thanks to my experiences abroad, this interest has evolved into a passion, then an obsession… until it became my greatest goal! My dream is to obtain an internship placement at a high-end and constantly moving international firm in the entertainment industry.

I think of myself as an adventurous person and a risk taker. I prefer to stand up and get involved rather than hide behind the crowd and hope for someone who notices me. My love for adventure goes hand-in-hand with my penchant for travelling and meeting new customs and lifestyles… and I am amazed by the things I keep learning from the places and the people I meet on the road!

Well, it’s time to leave…. But cheer up, guys! It’s worth the ride… 😉

Hugs and Kisses.