Andrea Usuelli

Hi everybody,

My name is Andrea Usuelli and yes, I know that my name is given to females everywhere in the world! NOT in my country: Italy.

That doesn’t bother me much, but one thing that does is maths! I literally failed the class 5 times before I passed it, but this is another story…

I consider myself lucky because my tortuous academic path made me travel around the world and I’ve enjoyed every second of these experiences.

I’m a soccer addict, an Ac. Milan fan “till death do us part” and I used to play in a team until my knees decided that it wasn’t a good idea anymore.

I’m a crossfitter and I try to follow a healthy lifestyle: no smoking or junk food allowed!

I read a lot, madly love art and I’m obsessed with brand communication.

My goals in life are to joyfully enjoy my time on hearth, have a family with a bunch of kids, become a successful Brand Manager and of course a turquoise Ferrari.