Dina Zavala Grijalva

Dina Zavata
My name is Dina, I am 22 years old and my home country is Mexico. I am currently studying International Business Bachelor in Tecnológico de Monterrey, in Guadalajara. I am an only daughter, I am a great animal and nature lover. I am addicted to food and traveling. I love to know different cultures and people. I enjoy extreme sports, challenges and new projects. I love hanging out with my friends, working out and watching movies. I have great international experience, I had the opportunity to study in Nice, France, for one semester, go to a summer program in Vancouver, study in Shanghai for one semester, and win an honors summer program in London School of Economics. All these experiences have made me grow and develop, I have met great people, but most important I have learned a lot about myself. If I got to make a wish I would like to be successful, have my own enterprise and take my parents to travel all around the world.