Ann Kristin Buerke

Ann Kristin Buerke
Hello everyone!

My name is Ann Kristin and I am from a small town in the north of Germany. Usually, everybody calls me by my full name except the Americans. So, please call me Ann or Kristin 🙂

I graduated in International Business and Management at the beginning of this year. While working in the fashion industry I developed a strong interest in Supply Chain Management and Sales topics.

A dream came true when I got the opportunity to experience the American lifestyle while living in New Paltz and New York City. It means to me gaining an in-depth understanding of American’s culture and explore it beyond the stage of being “just” a tourist.

I am highly interested in pursuing my passion for fashion and lifestyle by working in one of the biggest fashion capitals worldwide. I love shopping and discovering new fashion trends. I also enjoy traveling, meeting new people, developing and challenging myself in order to broaden my horizon.

Ann Kristin