Denise Madsen

Skärmavbild 2014-09-08 kl. 16.42.02

My Last Day in Sweden, enjoying a wonderful dinner on my best friends balcony.


My name is Denise Madsen and I’m a multicultural girl born in Sweden with a Portuguese mom and a Danish father who grew up in Munich, Germany. Today I live in a really small town in southern Sweden with one cafe, one shopping street (not even a 100 meters long) and at least 1 hour drive to the closest “city”….not the funniest place in the world so I googled for new adventures and found this great opportunity. Weird you might say… New Paltz seems a lot like the little city you just came from?? True story, but I saw this as a perfect step to enter the American culture with a feeling of home. But off course, the main reason for me applying for the IIB program is to get the opportunity to live in New York City. I’m into everything that has to do with fashion, so what better place to live than there?!

I just graduated this summer with a bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing and have since my 14th birthday always worked part-time and every summer to increase my working experience. My last employment was at a Jewelry and Interior Design Company named Cooee Design (which I love!). Here I got the opportunity to learn how a design company operates and understand the importance of interacting with people and customers. With this experience and personal interest I hope to obtain an internship placement at a high-end, luxury fashion company in New York City. I would love to get my internship extended but if not I’m really excited to take a Master’s Degree in Fashion Management when I return to Sweden.

I love traveling, meeting new people and evolving myself. I like to push myself to try new things and overcome my fears… and most often I surprise myself with what I can do. My abroad study in South Korea is one of them and probably why I bore all my IIB friends with all my “when I was in Korea” stories.

So come along on my journey from country side New Paltz to the most amazing city in the world, New York City!

Kisses & Hugs,