Michel Larsson




My name is Michel Larsson and I am 24 year old.  I come from Stockholm, Sweden. I have my bachelor degree in business administration and I recently graduated from the master’s program at Stockholm University, where I majored in finance.

I chose to be a part of this program because it has everything. I will get to experience the life of a college student, I will experience work in a professional environment, AND I will be living in New York City which is the best city in the world after Stockholm of course.

When I’m not studying or working I enjoy watching movies or watching my favorite TV-show FRIENDS. I also enjoy eating good food.

I hope that an internship in New York City will increase my competitive edge and give me a well-positioned job when I return to Sweden. I know that the experience I receive will last a life time.

The one where he said goodbye!

Michel Larsson