Barbara Gonzalez

Barbara Gonzalez

My name is Barbara Gonzalez. I am an international student from Monterrey, Mexico. I just turned 22 years old! Yep, had the BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! Went with the girls to New York City (Labor day weekend) and of course celebrated in New Paltz! They prepared me a surprise party with balloons, cakes, gifts, and birthday wishes. It was wonderful, and I am very grateful!

I am a student at ITESM Monterrey, taking a Major in Business Administration and having professional experience as Office Manager. I am really excited for this new opportunity. I can’t wait to continue exploring around New Paltz, and afterwards to live the New York City Life Experience!!

I am a person who is continuously seeking for new things and experiences, which is what led me to this program. I feel that the IIB program will help me to have a study abroad college experience and at the same time have the opportunity of working in a total different business culture and helping me to gain knowledge and apply it back at my hometown in my future career.

Birthday Party