Agnes Nilsson

Agnes NilssonMy name is Agnes Nilsson, I’m 23 years old from Sweden and my major is strategic communication and digital media. I’ve passion for communication, digital platforms and corporate social responsibility (CSR). I think that communication is all about trying to make the audience understand the meaning of the message you’re communicating. You can do it in different ways, I’m going to communicate my characteristics and personality in order to make you understand who I am by describing some of the ingredients of my favorite cheesecake, a passion fruit cheesecake with a touch of lemon.

First, the passion fruit cheesecake has a crust that is made of plain cookies and butter. The most important thing isn’t the cookie brand or type of cookie. The most important thing is that the cookies are crunchy. Why? Picture yourself eating a cheesecake with a crunchy crust, it would complement the soft, creamy and smooth filling. While you’re eating the cheesecake, something happens due to the crunchy crust and that’s what I enjoy. I don’t find it interesting when life always is smooth and soft without happenings. I prefer crunchiness in my life to make life more exciting and challenging.

Passion Fruit CheesecakeSecond, the filling of the cheesecake contains sugar, vanilla sugar and a touch of lemon. It’s both sweet and sour. The combination of sweet and sour is what makes the cheesecake perfect but the ingredients have to be balanced in order to achieve the perfect cheesecake. The sweetness of the cheesecake makes it gentle and the sour makes it a little bit tart. For me, sweetness symbolizes kindness and sourness symbolizes honesty. I’m kind to other people but I’m also honest when it’s needed. I have a personality that both contain sugar and a touch of lemon but in the reality, I’m not a cheesecake, which means that the balance between the ingredients isn’t always going to be perfect.

Third, the topping of the cheesecake is important because it’s the first impression you get and it’s what people remember the cheesecake for. The passion fruit cheesecake is topped with a creamy passion fruit sauce that’s colorful and makes it stand out of the crowd. I think that the first impression of a person is as important as the first impression of a cheesecake. Therefore, I find it important to be colorful as a person, to always be happy and to beam energy because that’s what I would like to be remembered for.

As you can notice, I’ve also a passion for baking, especially cheesecakes. After reading this, I hope you’ve got a clearer picture about who I am and if you’re really kind to me, you might get to taste the passion fruit cheesecake!

With cheesecake love, Agnes