Frida Johannes

Frida Johannes

Hi there…

… you who have found your way in here to read a little bit about who this Frida Johannes might be, so nice to see you! I promise I will introduce myself in the best and most concise way possible, so you quickly can go on and read my posts.

I’m a 22 year old girl from Stockholm, Sweden, who likes communication, cultural differences and am impressed by all the opportunities the internet can provide. I will graduate with my bachelor in Strategic Communications and Digital Media from the university of Lund in early summer 2016 and I’m really looking forward to beginning my life as a communicator for real. Most of all I would like to start my career in Digital Marketing or PR.

Besides the academic part of me I love to meet new people, have fun and to dance. I also like challenges and to travel, which made this opportunity to study in New Paltz and then work in Manhattan, the perfect fit for me!

My blog posts will all reveal a little something about me, for example that I’m also into art, but you will see more about that when you read my posts. So stay tuned, or you might miss a part of the funny story about this girl called Frida.