Johanna Björnbäck


My name is Johanna Björnbäck and I’m a Swedish student attending the IIB program in SUNY New Paltz. At the moment, I’m living my dream in the US with an upcoming internship in NYC, so excited! So, how did I get here? I will give you a short version of my story.  I was born in Sweden’s second biggest city called Gothenburg in 1989. During my childhood my family moved around a lot, then eventually in the year of 2000, we settled down in Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden. Stockholm is a very beautiful city surrounded by water. You should Google it!

Johanna BjornbackJohanna-Bjornback-Stockholm

During my teenage years in high school I mainly played basketball. When I finally graduated form high school in 2008, with communications and journalism as my majors, I was very happy and proud. After high school I worked a couple of years, mainly as a marketing assistant at a business Law firm in Stockholm. Between these years a lot of my friends traveled around the world, but not me. Before the age of 23 I never felt the need to see the world or live in another city then Stockholm. This changed eventually. In 2013 I decided to continue my academic career with studies at the University of Lund, reading a major in “Strategic communications and digital media”. The city of Lund, for those whom do not now were it is, is located in the south of Sweden and it’s really a great student city. Students run the city. I really like it in Lund, but I’ve always had a dream about living in NYC. When me and my classmates and best friends Agnes and Frida started to talk about studying abroad, we all could see ourselves studying in NYC. Later, we came across the IIB-program and we all fell in love with the idea of living one semester in New Paltz and NYC. AND NOW WE ARE HERE! So, that was a short version of my life, I really hope you liked it! Finally, I’d like to end this bio with some fun facts.

New York!! or London
Mornings or Evenings
Tea or Coffee
or Afterparty
Beach or City
Chips or Chocolate
or Android
Pepsi or Coke
or dessert