Alejandro Bustos Toscano

FullSizeRenderMy name is Alejandro Bustos Toscano. I was born in Colima, Mexico, in 1994. When I was 18 I moved to Guadalajara, which is a city in Jalisco State, to attend to university. I am pursuing a Bachelor in International Business degree at Monterrey Institute of Technology. I have been in exchange programs in several places in the world such as London, Denmark and now United States, at SUNY at New Paltz. I am thrilled by business in all its areas, but most of all logistics as I think it is crucial for the supply chain to work. I also like to have exposure with people, as I tend to qualify myself as socially proficient. My hobbies are varied, but most of all I like to be active, I like to workout at the gym as well as I love to be involved in outdoor activities. I like to move. I also like to listen to music and to watch TV series.