Karla Reyes

Hello!Karla Reyes

My name is Karla Reyes, well actually my full name is Karla Fernanda Reyes Elizalde, but that is too difficult to remember. As you may have guessed, I am Latin; to be more precise I am an international student from Mexico, currently enrolled in the IIB program at SUNY New Paltz, where we have been given the opportunity to work at NYC for two and half months. Can you imagine that ?…..this is going to be exciting!

I am 21 years old and about to turn 22, so there is going to be a party in NYC, because what better way to celebrate than in the big apple.

My hometown university is ITESM campus Guadalajara, where I am studying international business, and if things go as planned I will be graduating in December 2015. Fingers crossed!

Guadalajara is a beautiful and colorful city that is always full of life–a place where we get to experience both sides of the coin, the classical Mexican culture combined with the 21st century world. And the food, forget about it! It is absolutely amazing, in fact you can eat each day a different dish for a year and you would still have more to go. The thing is that with so much love invested into each dish, you are going to gain a few extra pounds, I guarantee it.

I can tell you so much more about me, for example that I am an ice-cream lover (well everyone knows that) or that I love singing when no one is around, but I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in. On the bright side, I am going to be writing other blog posts with my fellow students, so if you are interested, keep looking at our blog.