Alejandra Rodriguez

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My name is Alejandra Rodriguez, I’m from Leon, Mexico and I’m currently studying my seventh semester of the Marketing and Communications Degree.

I am really into Fashion, I love high end brands and all the glamour they imply. This is one of the main reasons why I chose to come to this program, after all, what place could be better to do an internship than one of the Fashion Capital Cities in the world! Actually, I just arrived yesterday from New York Fashion Week and it was such a great experience being there and meeting some famous bloggers, designers and other VIPs.

I am a very determined person. Once I set a goal for myself I won’t stop until I get it. Coming to this program is a great example of it, but it completely has overcome all my expectations and I am really grateful to my parents for making it possible for me to be here and have this amazing experience. In return, I promise to seize every moment and learn as much as can so that when I go back home I found myself grown into a better person in every aspect of my life.

Finally, I would like to end with this phrase that a friend once shared with me and has become my motto ever since:

“If you really want something, you’ll find a way, if you don’t you’ll find an excuse”