And just like that, summer fell into fall.


Fall season has arrived! It is that time of the year where all you want to do is sit on a bench and enjoy the most beautiful view with a coffee in hand. And guess what? New Paltz has it. I am so happy that I actually will have the opportunity of enjoying all the seasons in one semester.Back in Mexico we don´t see seasons changing so dramatically, but here you will definitely enjoy it. When I arrived to New Paltz it were the hot summer days, now we have all the leaves changing color and falling into the ground, and while in New York City we will have the opportunity of enjoying winter wonderland.

While in New Paltz, the campus have really good places where you can go and take a walk while you have leaves falling all the place. I also recommend going to the Street Water Market where you can have a coffee watchithumb_img_6411_1024ng the mountain turn from green to red. It is really amazing!!! So, go out and appreciate what nature has given to us!!!

Let me know which is your favorite season 🙂