“Give me such shows — give me the streets of Manhattan!” -Walt Whitman

fullsizerenderimg_0690Hi everyone! This is my first post and I want to share with you how NYC make me feel. “Give me such shows — give me the streets of Manhattan!” Walt Whitman.  I can relate more with this quote, the streets of Manhattan, every single one of them, have something to show you and that definitely will surprise you! I love to walk and get lost when I travel and just follow my instincts where to go, and Manhattan it’s an ideal place to do that. My last time in the city (labor weekend) I had the opportunity to walk into streets that I have never walked before and with them new memories were made. The city that never sleep it’s a 24/7 show that transmits many indescribable feelings and as any show, it must always continue, so I can’t wait to move there and be amazed every single day. So AMAZED that’s how NYC makes me feel!