Almost Lost it…

Port_Authority_Bus_Terminal_interiorIt has been quite a fast-pace week so far here in New Paltz and in New York. Weather has been changing constantly, as you can tell from previous posts, and it is almost impossible to tell when are we going to be cold or hot. Anyway, weather apart, I have had many activity in my schedule and I like it. Just this Wednesday I had my first two job interviews in the city and had to wake up early to catch the bus. Misael, Gaby and I went to the city to have interviews.

When I arrived to NYC, I had to split from Gaby and Misael because I had to catch the subway to get Downtown. I was eager to meet my first two interviewers, and get to know more about the company I was applying for. So I first went straight to the building to make sure it was not a wrong address, and it was not. When it was about time, I went inside the building and had my interview – quite a nice and relaxed interview. Afterwards, I had lunch alone because I had to run to my second interview, which was really close from the first one (like one block away).

By 3:00 PM I had both interviews completed and I was released from any meeting in the city, so Gaby and I decided to go for a walk and Misa decided to go other way. We went to a departamental store down the city and we had dinner at a restaurant near the bus terminal. Everything was going great, smoothly, until we realised we had to catch the bus at 7:30 PM and it was already 7:15 PM. We ran to the bus terminal and we wanted to get a coffee, so we stopped 5 minutes to get one there. Her coffee was ready, but mine was not. After 2 minutes I had my coffee served and we ran again to the bus. We arrived and saw nobody at the gate. A guy asked us where we wanted to go and he said that our bus was just leaving. Finally, I knocked at the bus door and the driver opened it for us without a great mood by the way – He was already moving the bus!