A nightmare on our way from Chicago to New Paltz


Last weekend Misael, Alex, Dina and I spent the whole weekend in Chicago. Everything was going fine until we boarded our flight from Chicago to New York. The airline´s crew told us that they had to find a new crew for that plane, because they had already worked for 9 hours, so it took almost two hours to find a new crew. Because the flight was delayed, we arrived to JFK very late, that we were not able to catch up the last bus heading New Paltz. Then we decided that we should wait for at least 3 hours to catch the bus at 4:00 am, so we decide to wait in the airport until 2:00 and then took an uber to the Port Authority Station. When we arrieved, we realised that the bus departing at 4:00 am was the bus from New Paltz to New York not the one from New York to New Paltz. So we had to wait 3 more hours in order to take the 7:00 am bus. We went to the Starbucks at Times Square to wait, but the worst thing is that they didn´t even have seats. Then we took the bus at 7:00 and finally we arrived New Paltz at 8:30 am. We were tired but we were finally home.