Golden moments, golden memories

This blogpost is for you that is thinking about applying for the IIB-program.  Stop thinking, do it. Are you sitting at home dreaming about New York? Let’s bring the dreams in to your life. NOW.

The IIB-program is amazing. To get the chance to live and work in New York! Yup, it’s pretty cool. I mean really really really live in New York, for two months. To have a everyday life in this city is not a thing I actually thought I could have the chance to experience. But I took my chance when i found it and now I’m here. And it’s even better than I expected. I have an apartment with my friends on Upper west side, ten minutes from Central park and only two minutes from Riverside park. I have an internship at a big fashion company, located 4 blocks from Times square, where I learn a lot about both graphic design and fashion. AND I have all the possibilities in the world to really discover the city I always dreamed of living in. All the things I’ve heard about, or seen in pictures and in movies before coming here is just around the corner from my home and my work. We spend all our free time discovering this city, creating golden memories every day. So I thank myself for doing this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.