To leave your comfort zone

“You are so brave!” They´re the words I hear when I tell people that I´m traveling away on my own. My first thought is that it doesn´t have with to do with courage. There are selfish reasons. I want to see the world, and I want to do it my way, without being influenced by others. But I have also understood that it take some courage too, because the first time I traveled by myself I was terrified.

The first time I went away alone was with a friend on a backpack trip. We went to Australia, Asia and Africa. We surfed, camped in the savannahs, climbed with the mountain gorillas, saw the Big Five, skydived and scuba dived in the barrier reef. It was a life journey and it´s really a memory for life!

This time was different. This time I went on the plane on my own.

 To go away to another country can be scary. To no longer have your family, friends or your partner in a close distance can be frightening. I’m a person who likes to be at home, to know where everything is, how I can take myself from point a to b and what will happen next. So when I decided to take the step to go away, It was really a big one for me.

 I have heard so many people around me who often say how much they want to go away. They want to discover Australia, their dream is to study in the US or to go to Spain and learn Spanish. But not one of them have traveled away. The first time IS scary. Every day you have to take responsibility for yourself and for your dreams. This will get you out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You have no one but yourself to rely on.

 To go away by myself makes the world become both bigger and smaller at the same time, for each new corner that I explore. Grab the opportunity and fulfill your dream. Get out of your comfort zone and do what you want!

Life is too short for not doing the best and the most in every situation. And life is too short to regret all the things you didn´t do. It’s important to jump anyway, to fail, dare and believe.

 I jumped that day. And now I´m here.