New Paltz may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer.

Thus, because of the amount of things to study, and also to save some money, most of us decided to spend this long Labour Day weekend exploring the city that since three weeks has become our home.

First mandatory stop, the Water Street Market.




It’s not just a street full of bars and craft shops, but a real village in the village, a characteristic “European taste” way.

I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the owners of antique shops, and the quality of the products displayed. Local products in fact, are the highlight of this little college village.


This small market is located at the bottom of Main Street, along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. For those who don’t want to buy anything, I suggest to go upstairs and enjoy the view of Mohonk Mountain House and the Mohonk Preserve, sipping a glass of wine or as I did, a white sangria.


The location makes this cluster of shops an ideal stopover also for the hikers who want to take a break sitting by the fountain, playing chess or reading a book.                                                                                

The Water Street Market also offers many free events throughout the year.

I personally recommend to visit Maglyn’s Dream, a small characteristic shop where you can find handmade jewlery for every taste.

After peering into shops and having done, as a good Italian does, our daily happy hour *, we reached other girls for our special pink dinner.

* (In Italy “happy hour” is a glorious couple of hours, usually between 7pm and 9pm, during which people can relax after-work with their friends or colleagues in front of a cocktail and a rich buffet. For 10 dollars you can eat as much as you want. If you go to Italy, don’t miss this traditional “meeting”, it’s a great way to experience Italian culture).



The chosen restaurant was the Greek Bridge Café, a small place with a menu full of Mediterranean dishes (in general, I wasn’t impressed, but the time spent with the girls was great).


The outdoor seating resembled those of a beach, in the background to accompany our dinner there was this Brazilian music that, for a moment, took me away to Copacabana beach, and this feeling was so vivid that I could almost feel the sand beneath my feet…

The evening ended with a long walk to our Motel, accompanied by the light of a beautiful starry sky.