Several artists, Two projects and a lot of inspiration!

IMG_2775Art in all of its different forms have interested me for as long as I can remember, either if it’s a painting, a sculpture or graffiti on a subway train running through Stockholm. I like
the thought that someone has put their heart and emotions in to creating or expressing something ext
raordinary. I like that the artist is trying to get a messagethrough without using its lips, by being creative. I also like the fact that one piece of art, will never be interpreted the same way, the emotions or affections a piece of art contributes with is in the beholder of the eye. But art, for me, does not have to be something particular or something expressed, it can also be a dream of expressing something or a project on its way to becoming something important for the creator. A project where the artist is trying to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary.

In this post, I thought I would combine my passion for art with my passion for communication and show how art can, for example, raise awareness for a brand or be great PR for an organization with two of my favorit projects.

The Fun Theory

In 2009, Volkswagen created a campaign in Sweden called “The Fun Theory”. This project was about turning something ordinary and boring in to something funny. The project included several different projects but I will show you the one I preferred which regarded how to get Swedes to take the stairs instead of the escalator.

Volkswagen and their team transformed the stairs in the subway station Odenplan in Stockholm in to a piano for one day, which increased the amount of stair-walkers with 66%. This was a fun, artistic and inspiring way to get Swedes to take the stairs, it was also good publicity for both the subway system but also for Volkswagen. A lot of people who walked the stairs filmed it and put it on different social media platforms, they did also talk about it with their friends which made more people take the subway to Odenplan just to be able to walk the stairs. When this movie then was released a couple of days after this event it showed up in combination with Volkswagen. With this fun project they had made themselves a part of the conversation in Stockholm and raised their brand awareness. A fun, easy and artistic way to get more publication.


The Subway Symphony

Another project that is current for today is James Murphys project “The Subway Symphony” supported by Heiniken. This project started as a dream in the late 1990’s to turn New York City in to something more beautiful. His idea is to transform the Subway system in Manhattan in to a more peaceful and nice place by changing the noices of the subway in to different tones, creating a Subway Symphony. Until 2015 he has had problems realizing his dreams but since Heiniken started to support him in early 2015, their collaboration have been a subject of discussion in different magazines and a lot of people appreciate the idea.

I also find this project amazing. Imagine how many people who would take the metro just to get to listen to the new sounds, and to experience new symphonys every day in the subway. This would be great PR for MTA, the organization behind the Subway System in New York City, and would probably increase the amount of people taking the subway. It’s also good PR for Heiniken since this collaboration shows their concern for the “small person”, an ordinary artist. Also, people will associate these tunes with Heineken, increasing their presence in discussion and will put them in top of the metro-riders mind. But I also like this project amazing in terms of art. If you listen to the tunes he has chosen they reflect his emotions and feelings for the city he has grown up in and the city that he cares so much about. I can hear Love and gratitude in the tones, I can feel his appreciation for New York City. What do you hear?