Lake Minnewaska

Last week we went to Lake Minnewaska. We didn’t really know what to expect, although some people had told us that it was a beautiful place. We arrived there in the morning and started walking our way up to have breakfast. For our good luck, it was not too hot as the previous days, so the weather really helped us to have an amazing day.

After breakfast, which consisted on berries and other fruits, we went downhill to the lake and discussed if it was a good idea, or not, to swim in it. Just Gabo and Einar decided to dive into the lake, twice. It was really cool and I am definitely doing it the next time we go there. It was a shame that I didn’t have the appropriate clothes at that time. Following the dives, we kept hiking uphill and took some photos at the cliffs. We sat there for an hour before hiking down to go back to New Paltz.


Going to Lake Minnewaska was a good experience for me because there are no places like that near my hometown in Mexico, where I can work out and have some healthy food with breathtaking views. I’m eager to go again in the following weeks, and maybe even camp there if it is possible.