Adventure with amazing views!

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The Labyrinth Path is situated next to the charming Mohonk Mountain House Hotel in the Mohonk Preserve. It leads to the Sky Top Tower from where you have a beautiful view on the Hudson Valley.

The 45 min rock scramble is a challenging path with a 300 foot ascent. To be honest it even took us 1.5 h to scramble through it. But we made a lot of pictures 🙂

You have to climb over and under different narrow rock formations and several ladders. The Labyrinth Path is structured into three sections:

  • Small labyrinth at the beginning where you become a bit confused (10 min)
  • Medium challenging path that leads over and under rock formations including the climbing of short ladders and several stairs (40 min)
  • Strenuous path where you need to watch your steps carefully and climb through very narrow rock formations and several very high ladders (40 min)

Some athletes can do the whole path in 14 min, as you can see in the following video:

Source (YouTube): POV footage shot with a GoPro of the Mohonk Mountain House labyrinth.
Music: “1549” and “Altitude Error” by Lars Leonhard.

My recommendations for you:

  • Consider that you can not buy beverages or snacks at the Sky Top Tower
  • Bring enough water and plan enough time for the strenuous climbing
  • Pack light, since we had problems with our moderate backpacks while squeezing through some areas
  • Consider that tall people might not be able to get through one or two areas, because they are really narrow
  • Do not forget your camera, the views are amazing

All in all it was a perfect half-day excursion. Enjoy!

Mohonk Preserve:

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