I would like the sun to shine every day

You know the feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and you look out of the window and you notice that the sun is shining – at that second, your whole body fills with the feeling of happiness. My whole body was filled with that feeling when I watched the new commercial “Believes acceptance speeches aren’t just for award shows” from Clean and Clear US.

I’m so happy Clean and Clear has done this commercial and for raising the question about perfection among teenagers. Everyone knows that being a teenager isn’t easy and during the teenage period you’re supposed to develop your identity, but what happens if you don’t fit in? Unfortunately, in most cases, you get terrorized and the next thing that usually happens is that you’re starting to doubt in yourself. But whit this commercial, a change may finally be on its way.

The fact that these girls dare to participate in this commercial, dare to share their experiences as well as telling the audience it’s okay to be different, are three steps on the journey towards changing the definition of perfection. But the question still remains, what’s perfection? I think that the girls in the commercial have an exceptional explanation of what perfection is – perfection is being yourself and accepting yourself for who you are, both accepting your personality and appearance. An explanation and definition I hope every child, teenager and adult will adapt.

I would like to use this commercial as an education tool in schools, in US but also in Sweden or around the whole world. It’s needed, because if we are going to change the definition of perfection in a wide range, we have to start with the future, which are our teenagers. The teenagers have to understand that you’re good as you are and you don’t always have to fit in. And if it’s possible to change teenagers attitude towards perfection, it may be possible to affect others attitude.

This commercial hasn’t only made me happy, hasn’t only inspired other teenagers – I think it has inspired the society to think in other terms of perfection.

Please Clean and Clear, continue developing commercials within the same theme and more teenagers can wake up with the feeling of happiness every morning, as if the sun would be shining every day.