Woodstock… 50 years back in time!

This was our first weekend in New Paltz and my friends and I decided to rent a car and discover some of small towns next to us.
Martha and Jeff said to us that not so far from New Paltz there is Woodstock, the famous city that in 1969 hosted the biggest concert in the history of music.
The destination was one hour away from the motel.
Exit number 19 and then, 10 miles on road.
We parked in front of a flea market and started looking around. It absolutely wasn’t as I imagined. Where are Jimi Hendrix posters, where is the immense field that I saw in so many films and pictures and above all where are the hippies?! Well, we were there. So, we told ourselves: let’s discover! Obviously, our first step was to go to the flea market in order to find something strange and particular. Everything was normal, except for one men… white beard and moustache covering his mouth, long hair, a big smile on his face and so much to tell.
We went to talk with him and I immediately asked: “Hey man, this is a very wonderful place, but you know where we can find something related to the famous concert?”.
He stared at me and he answered smiling: “How much time do you have? It is a long story and if you want I can tell you.” He sat on his char and began to tell his story.
“All began few months before August 1969, when an organization in Woodstock decided to organize a musical event in town, but citizens didn’t allow it. It was a big issue because everybody was waiting for this concert. Fortunately, an old man “save the World” and decided to offer his field in Bethel (not so far from Woodstock) to host the show and so, all began. The new place was huge for a small event with no more than 5.000 people. The problem was that in a few days the w
ord was spread in the entire United States and on August 15th more than 400.000 people were in Bethel.

Everyone came to take part at “3 days of love and music“!

He stopped talking and his eyes were shining. So, I asked: “Oh, You were there?”. The answer was so funny, he said: “Yes, baby. you bet! I used to live in NYC, but on August 15th I prepared my stuff and came here. Since that day, I never left this place. Those 3 days have been so special for everyone here. Love was in the air! Before you leave, I’d like to tell you about what happened on the morning of August 17th, when Jimi Hendrix picked up his guitar and played his version of our American anthem to remember the victims of the Vietnam war.”
In that moment heard someone calling me: “Come on Chicca, It’s time to go back”, but my friends couldn’t image that I had already gone 50 years back in time to 1969…