Niagara Falls… It’s worth the view! ;-)

On my way back home…
Who drives? Not me!
Headphones on and music in my ears…
My friends are moving their lips and making small talks but can’t hear them… and that, surprisingly relaxes me.

Next stop, Woodstock, where everything seems to be frozen on those three days of 1969 when Jimi Hendrix and co. changed the history of music… but, that’s someone else’s post! 😉

My mind goes back to this amazing weekend at the Niagara Falls and suddenly, I find myself in that CRAZY place again…Yes, crazy! There is no other term good enough to describe it…
Two towns with the same name, two countries sharing a gift from nature, and thousands and thousands of people staring at this miraculous and spontaneous free / but not so free live show.

… Actually, during our six hours journey by car to the falls, my friends and I could have never imagined that mind-blowing and almost apocalyptic scenario… Then, we crossed the Canadian border!

New country, same place, insane view.

The first thing I noticed was this large and deep hole in the ground and a blanket of white smoke coming from the inside. Then, I decided to get closer to the promenade and take a look… and here it was… one of the most amazing scene I had ever seen. Two different towns overhanging an immense expanse of foamy water that falls from these two huge headlands, one in the US territory and the other in the Canadian one. In the middle of the view stood a beautiful bridge to “connect the lands” and “bind the souls”. This bridge is called “the Rainbow Bridge” and it was quite funny to visit because I thought I would have found oompa loompa and unicorns on it, but actually, it is just a bridge and no wonders to see!
On the other hand, what’s UNDER the bridge was incredible.

Well, I’m pretty sure Charles Dickens wasn’t aware of the possible interpretations of his words at the time, but I can’t help quoting him by saying that, this is “A tale of two cities”…
Niagara Falls – New York, United States and Niagara Falls – Ontario, Canada!

If you desire to be in two places at once, don’t waste time and plan your trip guys… It’s worth the view!

Hugs and Kisses,