Concrete Jungle



So I went to NYC for the first time, and it was amazing. All through high school and to my 7th semester of college there has been multiple trips that I could’ve took to visit this amazing cit; alas I never took my chance to go there. So last weekend I finally made it, and it was such an amazing day. Basically we walked around the concrete jungle and went to some amazing shops. We had brunch at a great Mexican joint (La Ezquina) where most of the products were imported and delicious. The boys had the opportunity to meet and talk to Edgardo’s family which was on town too, and his parents gave us some amazing tips for our professional life. We then  finished the day with an amazing dinner in one of the best restaurants in soho (Balthazar). My first day ever in NYC was amazing and Im ready and eager to live there in a few weeks.