An Italian girl goes to a Korean nail salon in America

Nails are always nails everywhere, but what I have discovered here in New Paltz is that a manicure can differ from country to country!
The desperate bIMG_2097oys that are going to skip this post because it is related to something “typically” female do not have to worry! I can assure that I do not want to speak about the beauty and the lightness of my nails after I had finished the treatment!
Next to the cinema in the “stop and shop plaza”, there is this small, messy, pink nail salon full of comfortable armchairs. Only Koreans inside. I went there with some friends…
We were really surprised when two young boys started to shape our nails: in Italy it is generally a female job!
Sincerely, I can not tell you their names…primarily because Korean names are unusual to me, and secondly because I had serious problems to understand them: even if they are in America for many many years they keep on having a strong native accent.
(I must be honest with you: when I heard them speaking, i hoped that my “lovely” Italian accent is not so strong and weird to my listeners). After a while, the communication had become so hard, that we arrived to a surreal conversation: “Have you ever been in NYC”?, I asked. Without even raising the head from my nails the Korean guy replied: “yes 11 years”.
…Ok…I like speaking, maybe too much and his answer was not satisfying at all. This is why I asked: “Do you have any suggestion since i’m going soon for two months there?”. I was so proud of me, because I was sure that my question would have opened a real debate. But…“I don’t know i have never been there” was what I got back. Fine. After moments of endless silence, a question came from one of the two “where you girls come from?”. ITALY! It sounded as a magic word to them, because they started to sing strange Italian songs and ask us to teach them Italian words. They even tried (but actually failed) to speak by using hands thinking to be real Italian male! And they kept on talking till the end of the manicure…

If I’ll enter again in a Korean nail saloon in America, Italy will be the first topic of discussion!