It’s Always Better when It’s Sunny

Until now I have come to appreciate good weather. Before I used to see people weird if it was 15°c outside and they were fighting for the tables at the sunlight or going around with shorts and a t-shirt, while I was with my light jacket chasing the shadow.

Now the roles have reversed, every moment of sunlight has gained a whole new appreciation. We are almost at the end of April and it is still cold, not even a little bit cold, but a coat kind of cold.    So those rare days where we get to wear shorts (until now 2), we got to make the most out of them, plus we only have three more weeks left…… buh hu…

Of course the best place to lie down is central park, it may be cliché, but it is near where we live and you will always find a great spot, plus the view is incomparable.

There are so many things left to do, and so many more to discover, it seems and we know that we are never going to get to see everything that this city has to offer.OO