Stop Hunger Now


After all we have been getting in this amazing opportunity, we decided it was time to give back.

We found a volunteer opportunity to help package food for children in Africa, and we decided this was our chance.

The hard part was to wake up at 7 am on a Saturday, but overall we had so much fun. There was a bar of bagels, pastries and coffee, and after a short introduction, we got down to work. The task that we got to do was to weight the food package before closing, and the goal was to fill 20 thousand packages. Every time we made 2 thousand, a bong sounded. Every bong made everyone clapp and scream with joy, because it meant we were closer to the goal. Music was good, so everyone was dancing and having a good time while they filled the packages.

So if you find a volunteer opportunity, don’t think twice before signing up!

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