When eating out

Since our arrival to New York City, we had to say a tearful goodbye to Hasbrouck, the dining hall in New Paltz. This diner has truly spoiled us with good food at our convenience. It felt like a ton of weight has been lifted off me when for the first time in my adult life I needn’t to be worried about how and where I would get breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have to admit Hasbrouck’s variety of food and taste were pretty respectable.


However, we don’t have it as easy here in NYC. Even though we do have a common kitchen where you can cook what your heart desires, we unfortunately lack the time and will to accomplish such a “difficult” mission. So, the second option is to eat out, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Money aside, there is a big probability that you’ll spent a decent amount of your free time searching for good places to eat at. From personal experience, you do NOT want to get food poisoning, so take your time and look at the front window of the restaurant, there should always be a sign rating between A and C, A meaning it’s safe to eat and C meaning to “stay away”.


New York has so many wonderful restaurant to offer, please enjoy, but remember to be cautious.