Lilly Pulitzer at Bryant

Last week while taking advantage of the few sunny days, I went down to meet Elisa during our lunch break at Bryant Park. There the most unexpected and pleasant experience took place. As I made my way to the park, I started hearing the kind of music that just makes you go into happy mode, and as I arrived I saw a pink and green paradise.


Target was launching its latest fashion collaboration with the brand: Lilly Pulitzer (as you may have guessed by the title). The park was transformed for a day into a beach with free manicures, beverages and beach chairs to complement artists painting, and of course the pop up shop. But probably the best thing was to see the fountain with pink water, simply amazing!


Unfortunately, after relaxing for a while, the time came to go back to work. The next day everything went back to normal as if it all had just been a dream. New York may not be the perfect city, but there is always something that is going to surprise you or take your breath away.

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Here is the link to see the collection, but that is pretty much everything that you will do, because everything is sold out: