The Interning Experience

We’ve been here working in NYC for 5 weeks now, and time has passed way too fast. We’re already half way through our internships and I am definitely not ready to leave yet. By working at an advertising agency in the heart of New York City, and constantly being exposed to exciting projects within the field of arts & culture, entertainment and live events – truly makes me feel that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. The agency I’m working at is great with us interns (though I’m almost the only one at the moment), and they’ve made me become as much part of the firm as any other employee from my very first day there. I’m an event project management intern, but since the firm is so collaborative I get to be exposed to many different disciplines and departments within the firm. Such as being part of creative brainstorming meetings for upcoming campaigns with big clients, participating at shoots of Broadway opening nights, being part of calls with clients, and constantly getting introduced to tons of exciting projects with major brands in the entertainment business. Since I love the world of arts & culture and entertainment, the environment I’m currently a part of is truly inspiring, and I hope to stay a part of that environment for a longer period of time. I don’t just get inspired by working with this agency, I also feel like I’m constantly evolving both professionally and personally. I’m really excited about my professional journey here in NYC and I hope that journey will continue for some time.