Internship at DKNY

First off, I love the location! DKNY is located near time square and it takes us only 16 minutes to get to work from Amsterdam street. The first day was so packed with different tasks that by the end of the day it felt like I have been working for the company since forever. Seriously, after only one very short introduction I was officially a HARD worker at DKNY. Personally, I like the fast pace, there is always so much to do, to complete and to present, which makes time fly extremely fast. With every day my tasks become progressively complicated and serious. Yes, I’ll have to admit that there is plenty of “easy” tasks that come my way, but this is part of every internship ,which also makes my work all that more versatile.

Everyone at the office is extremely nice, especially to new interns, always happy to answer questions or have an interesting conversation by the watercooler. I have met people that are very high up in the company and honestly, the only difference between them and an ordinary copyboy is the title. This shows to tell how humble people are at DKNY.

So far my experience at DKNY has been nothing but pleasant and educational. The only negative thing is waking up early, since we all live together, we are always doing something, which makes it tremendously difficult to go to bed at a reasonable hour. We have to work on that!

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