This just got real

Realizing that you are in the real world…. That is a harsh thing to process at 7 a.m. on Monday; luckily for me I was also excited to start my internship. My dreams of working for a fashion brand and in NYC were finally starting to be my day to day reality.

The alarm went off, I woke up at the first tone (I am normally the kind of person that needs…. Let’s leave it at more than one alarm). Went to shower, then got dressed, did my make-up, had breakfast, brushed my teeth, and figured out how to control the beast that I call hair. The boys (a.k.a. our room neighbors and fellow co-workers) knocked on the door, which at that time I didn’t realize that that would become my daily warning to get out of the room, and we went to the subway.

I really recommend you taking your time before all of these to figure out how to move, this implies: where to take the subway, which one, how long does it take to get to your stop, is there any alternative, how often do they come and go, if you have to change to another one, etc.

Anyway, we got there before time, waited outside until it was time, and then off to HR. Being lost and not knowing what to do could not describe what I felt that day. On a positive note, everyone, specially my boss and her assistant were super nice and patient, and still are, if not I wouldn’t  know what I would have done and still do. They show me everyday how to do the new tasks and if I get lost they gladly guide me.

It’s amazing experiencing all that there is to offer, and getting to use a pretty bad ass card to enter the building and every door that there is, and getting to your own desk (fyi- Having candy on your desk does help to break the ice with your new co-workers).


DKNYC at Macy’s HSQ