My Internship

I’m interning with Donna Karen New York. I am working within the retail finance department of the company. I’m the only intern in the retail department of the company, but there are more than 100 intern within DKNY.

It takes me about 15 minutes to get to work from where I live and I am working right next to Times Square which is pretty awesome.

My job consist mostly of analyzing spreadsheets and putting in different numbers in excel from the company’s data base. I have the typical intern tasks, some are fun and some are necessary.

I get my directions for my supervisor who is the director of retail finance or I get them from his assistant. I have now been working there for three weeks and feel that I’m finally getting to be a part of the team and they can now trust me with more “important” task. I usually sit with my supervisor at the beginning of a new assignment and he shows me the steps I need to do and then I get to sit by myself and finish the work.

I enjoy working at DKNY and feel that each week with them becomes more and more fun…