Upper West Side Treats

We’ve been living in NYC for a little more than a week now, and New Paltz feels really far away. New York City still feels new though, there are still so many areas that needs to be explored and so many things to be done. And yes, it’s only been a week, but since we may not be here for more than 9 weeks I can’t help but feeling a bit nervous about not having enough time to explore this amazing city.

However, I have been able to experience the area around 85th St and Amsterdam, where we’re currently staying. Upper West Side is a calm residential area – “the area of dogs”, as the Senior Producer at my work describes it. And it is true, everyone has dogs around here (probably an effect of the proximity to Central Park). I have even seen old ladies walking around the streets with their little doggies in baby carriages.

Even though the area is kind of quiet, it’s still filled with cozy restaurants, bars and organic coffee shops. The other day when Karla and I took a walk around the area we passed by this cool little coffee shop called Birdbath with amazing pastries in the storefront, pastries so amazing that we simply felt that we had no other choice but to go inside and buy one each. The pastries were great, but the real amazingness about this place is not their sweets, what really enchanted me was finding out that Birdbath is actually one of the most eco-friendly food businesses on earth. The Birdbath bakeries are built from recycled, found, vintage, and sustainable materials. It is wind-powered, and the food is delivered from their main kitchen in bicycle-powered rickshaws. They even give discounts to customers arriving by bike or skateboard!!