Saint Patrick’s Day in NYC


I had heard many things about Saint Patrick’s day in NYC from movies and books, so I was really looking forward to it. We had made so many plans back in New Paltz to what we were going to do on this day when we were in the city, like watch the parade, go to an irish pub, among other things. But we didn’t take into account that we were going to be working by then.

So the day arrived and I realized I was going to miss the parade because I was going to be at my job. Fortunately, my offices are located on Fifth Av. so I was able to take a peak from time to time. After work we were all really tired so we put on something green and went to an irish bar close to the dorms.

The pubs were packed, but besides that, there wasn’t any difference than a normal day. Because, as I said, we were really tired and not in the mood of partying, we decided to give each other fun challenges. For example, Karla had to go to a guy and dance the Macarena with him, Elisa had to borrow a green tie from a guy, and I had to pretend to be a waiter. We laughed a lot every time someone was doing a challenge, and at the end, we ended up having so much fun, although it was not what I expected.