Moving to New York City

So the bus from New Paltz left at 11. It was sad leaving New Paltz, but the positive thing is that I will now be living in New York City for 10 weeks…

Before we reached the city we stopped at IKEA to buy some supplies for our new home and to have a Swedish lunch.

Well in the city we had to move fast. The bus stopped at a one way street and there were multiple cars honking the horn as we unload our luggage.

We had heard stories of how bad the place we are living at was going to be. We checked in and luckily everyone was on the second floor. I share my room with Kirill Alexanderson. Before opening the door we closed our eyes and hoped it wouldn’t be that bad. WE GOT THE BEST ROOM! We have two separate beds (compared to bunk beds). We have a huge fridge, we have a bathroom with a bathtub, and our window is facing the street.

We are going to enjoy living here!!!

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