Doing it Local

When you are tired from the first week of work you just want to chill and curl up in bed, nothing glamorous, just simple things. The dilemma comes when we realized that we are in NYC and that it is not acceptable to stay home, so we had to go out and do some exploration of our neighborhood, the Upper West Side, a very friendly and family oriented one. It is remarkable how you always find something different and interesting to do. This time the task were the tiny hidden places that have their own charm and essence, that is only understood when you step into them.  While walking, Elisa and me found this adorable book shop, were there is not one single space that it isn’t covered by books, you could spend hours and even then not finish.  It is a great place to find a hidden gem, and if you do, the you will be instantly drawn to buy it.  To make it more authentic the books are used and affordable, and every time you pick your gem, you will remember the pleasant day you had in NYC and of course the book shop.  Later on we went for a snack which you can read more on Elisa’s blog post, and found these adorable water bottles.

The thing that one must always take into consideration when you want to have a full exposure to a city is to DO AS THE LOCALS DO!  And although it has only been a week, we already consider ourselves new yorkers , now we just have to prove ourselves worthy of the title.

To find your own gem visit Westsider Books at 2246 Broadway, New York, NY 10024.