Welcome to MIAMI!

Hello all,

This past weekend, myself, Elisa, Henrik and 3 other international students from Australia, New Zealand and England decided to spend a few days in Miami.

As it was my birthday (a big one at that – 25), we thought we would make the journey over to Florida and chase the sun. As you may have read in my ‘Bio’, I am a huge beach lover, so Miami was the ideal place for me to spend my birthday during the icy New York winter.

We had been religiously checking the weather leading up to our trip (hoping for four full days of pure sun) – unfortunately we may have just jinxed ourselves as we only managed to get one day of blue skies and sunshine.

The lack of sunshine didn’t stop us having a great time – Miami has such a great vibe about it that you cannot help but walk around all day with a smile on your face :).

 We rented an apartment via ‘Airbnb’ (a great alternative to hotels) in the heart of ‘South Beach’. It was the perfect location, only one block from the beach with copious amounts restaurant and bars at our doorstep.

 It was my first time in Miami, and I’ll definitely be back as soon as possible!