The one where he explored New York

Today I had my first interview in the city. It was not as scary as I first thought. The best part was that Karla also had interviews today so we decided to explore the city after we finished our interviews. You have to excuse the pictures, I did not take them for this blog but now as I am writing I want to share all of my pictures with you guys. I bought my first Metrocard today and this was also my first time riding the New York subway, which was scary.

After my interview I met Karla outside DKNY’s office on 240 W 40th Street. We had no specific goal where to go so we just started walking. After a while we found ourselves in Times Square. It was my first time seeing it with my own eyes and it was just as I imagined it. Tourists everywhere taking pictures with people dressed up as Disney characters. We continued walking down the street and we walked past Madison Square Garden. Then we went all the way east of Manhattan and saw the East River and after that we had been walking for about three hours so we ended the day by walking back to the bus terminal.