The Mysteries of Has

Probably, if you are as lucky as we were, you will get the opportunity to live on campus and to have a real college experience. If this is the case, you will have a tough decision to make, do I get the meal plan with 14 meals per week at Hasbrouck (a.k.a. Has) and 100 dining dollars to spend around campus? Or do I get the one with 5 meals per week and 535 dining dollars? What I would recommend you to do is to get the first option, because although you may think that you are going to get bored of Has, you are going to be pleasantly surprised that that is not the case. Also, believe or not, sometimes you are even not going to be using the 14 meals, and if you are like me and some of my friends, we have less than two weeks before leaving SUNY and we have not even used ¼ of the dining dollars (we are going to be leaving with lots of food from Oscars, which you will discover,is like a mini supermarket).

In order to have the full experience at has, these are some tricks that I learned along the way and wished someone had told me from the beginning:
• You can blend whatever you want at the coffee place, you just have to approach the staff that is in that section and ask. This means, that you can do your own juices, smoothies and MILKSHAKES!
• You can order your own type of coffee. You need to try the caramel latte, it is really good.
• There are strawberries! They have them secretly placed at the coffee place, again, just ask!
• You can mix whatever you want and do your own dish from scratch. My favorite thing to do is a cinnamon bagel filled with: raisins, turkey slices, cranberries, cheese and gravy.
• Take some fruit home you because are definitely going to need it. If you are skillful, which I am not, you can also take a sandwich home, or even cookies (presumably the best cookies ever).
• Sadly, there are no bagels at night.
• You need to do the line for an omelet, it is to die for!
• If you like spicy food, look for the sriracha, there are always people taking it to their table.
• Have as much ice cream as you can. Favs: coffee and cookie dough ice cream.
• Do not expect to eat steak. Ever.
• See if there is going to be a special food event, and attend!
• To go to the bathroom you need to leave your SUNY ID with the receptionist.
• The good food disappears around 7:30.


Hope this can save you money, while improving your dining experience at SUNY, and foremost at Has.