Last days at New Paltz…

This last Saturday we realized that we only had two more weekends left in New Paltz and we almost freaked out. Time goes by so fast, and we had not done anything we intended to do when we arrived. So we decided that we were going to use that day to get to know New Paltz and all the things it has to offer.

First of all we had brunch at Main Street Bistro, which was great. We had to wait in line for like thirty minutes, but it was totally worth it. The food is great and their prices are affordable. While we waited, we went to a pretty small bookstore just around the corner of the Bistro, which sells new and used books. We also went to a chocolate store where you can find all kinds of chocolates.

After brunch we went into small clothing stores, where we found beautiful dresses that sadly we could not afford. We also went into antiques stores, and found amazing and fun stuff.

I really wanted to go thrift shopping, so we went to the Salvation Army store, which is located at 61 N Chesnut St, approximately 15 walking minutes away from Campus. I was surprised to see that you can find many different and affordable clothes, shoes, books, movies, among other stuff. We had so much fun dressing up and trying dresses and clothes that did not fit us at all.

We had a really great time just walking around New Paltz, and it is something I truly recommend to do before leaving.


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