How to survive the cold in New Paltz

Since I moved to New Paltz in the middle of January, I have been told how beautiful it is here during the spring, and how amazing it is to go hiking up on the mountain. But is there anything to do when it is constantly snowing and the temperature stays around -10° C?

Here are some usable tips before moving to New Paltz in the winter:

1. Bring ski clothes – The best way of surviving in the snow is to find a way to actually enjoy it. If you are like me and you love to ski/snowboard, bring your ski clothes with you. It is worth packing an extra bag with warm clothes and a ski outfit to be able to do something proactive with the constant snowing. Even if it is your first time skiing, bring whatever you have back home that could work as a skiing outfit, or find a cheap place to buy it from when you actually get to New Paltz so you will be able to use the snow for a fun experience. Additionally, make sure to sign up early for the organized ski trips, because they will get full in a second, and join SUNY’s Ski and Snowboard Club on Facebook. There is always someone who is going up to Hunter to shred some powder and they will post it in the group and ask for people to join in their car. It is a great way of both getting up to the mountain to ski and to get to know some Americans while you are here. So please, do not make the same mistake I did by not bringing ski clothes (I’m still a part of the Ski Club but have not been able to use my membership to actually go skiing).

2. Have brunch at the Bistro – If you cannot find a way to enjoy the snow with outdoor activities, find nice things to do inside. When you have gotten tired of the dining hall at Hasbrouck, and believe me, you will, go out on Main Street and have a long Saturday or Sunday brunch at the Bistro. The food is delicious and you can stay inside for several hours, escaping the cold and eat your sorrows away. The Bistro is a very popular place during the weekends so be prepared to wait up to an hour for a table, (bring a banana with you in your purse to prevent starvation in the waiting line).

3. Jazz afternoons at Cafeteria – Another nice getaway from campus is Cafeteria, a music and coffee shop on Main Street right across the street from the Bistro. It is a cool and relaxed place with big and cozy sofas to sit back in – a perfect spot for a long study session. Also make sure to get here on a Sunday if you enjoy listening to some smooth jazz. Every Sunday from 2:00 pm there is a live jazz band on stage to ease your Monday anxiety.