IIB 2.0

Some of us just didn’t feel ready to leave our internships and NYC after graduation and had the opportunity to extend our stay. For me that’s with the social media agency Laundry Service where I learn all there is to know about social advertising and cool campaigns (yes, I’m lovin’ it!).

So, upon extending there are a few things to think about. Make sure to talk to your supervisors good time in advance, getting a place to live and solving all the administrative paper work takes some time. Finding an apartment or a room in NYC isn’t easy – use all your contacts, be on craigslist and streeteasy and if possible: team up with a couple of friends! Try to avoid brokers fees and do a lot of the work yourself in order to save a few bucks (…one month’s rent). We found our little apartment in Chinatown, a block away from the best dumplings I’ve ever had and with the most amazing views of Freedom Tower, Empire State Building and Manhattan Bridge.

Getting to stay is amazing and if you’re considering the IIB Program next year I really encourage you to go ahead and do it!