Who are we without the people who stand behind us

Only a few days left until our graduation ceremony. Time to take a pause and to take a look back what happened.

When I first applied for this program I could never imagine, how this time here would change me. I met people I started to like, and now I can call them my very good friends. I had a professor who always wants me to stand up in class and when I started to love my brown summer skin which never lets me going red. I discovered new things I will definitely pursue further in future such as yoga, visiting museums, and sightseeing. But I would never do, if I didn’t have the friends who wanted me to do all these things with them. I will probably have the desire to bake my own cookies when I am back in Germany, just to realize that I am not good in it and to have a reason to go to Starbucks instead. I will miss the moments, when everyone around me starts speaking Swedish and me trying hard to hide that I don’t understand anything. I will miss it to go to my friends’ room whenever I want. I will never forget the moment when I went into my friend’s room and saw everyone crying because of a romance movie and started to cry as well because of… don’t-know. I already miss my weekly date with my supervisor Martha where I could tell her all my nightly dreams of the ultra-super-perfect internship without carrying about whether I am realistic or not. ‘Cause in the end of each dream Martha made it true. And I will miss the city. There is no other city in the world with the same charm and splendor as New York City.

This was a time with many impressions. This was a time with many feelings. This was a time with many changes. This was definitely one of the best times in my life. There was no better place for me to learn about myself so much. I finally found the job area I will pursue in life and this is something very valuable for me as I was searching for it many years now. I realized which values are important to me and which will lead me through every decision I will make in future. For all these findings I made here I needed only one simple ingredient: It’s all the people who stand behind me and who make this happen. My family, my friends, my love. But also Martha and Jeff, whose efforts never sleep to support their IIB students in every life situation. And the people who affected me just by their passion in what they are doing. Thank you.

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Every experience you make in life will change you. You cannot always influence them, but mostly you can decide which experiences you would like to make and which will affect you.

Take the opportunity.